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AD&D(2e) DLE1 - In Search of Dragons 9243

AD&D(2e) DLE1 - In Search of Dragons 9243

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  • Description

    Good, Evil, Neutrality. These three forces exist in a delicate balance, a balance crucial to the harmony of all things. Now that harmony is threatened and all of Krynn is in jeopardy.
    For reasons unknown, the balance among Krynn's good, evil, and neutral dragons is shifting: A deadly affliction is killing off silver dragons, and nobody has seen a bronze dragon in months. What's more, the people of Krynn seem to have lost their respect for dragons, hunting them for sport, looting their treasure troves, even training them for use in circuses and sporting events! ANd as the adventure begins, a strange being named Khardra appears with a fascinating theory - that dragons are merely animals whose presence on Krynn may no longer be necessary!
    In this AD&D adventure set in the world of the DRAGONLANCE saga, players must discover what is wrong with the good dragons of Krynn. And just who is Khardra, anyway? As they investigate these mysteries, players learn many secrets of dragons. How they use their newfound knowledge determines the fate of their world.

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Category: Adventure
    Setting: Dragonlance
    Page Count: 64