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AD&D D1 - Descent into the Depths of the Earth 9019

AD&D D1 - Descent into the Depths of the Earth 9019

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This module contains background information, a large-scale referee's map with a matching partial map for players, referee's notes, special exploration and encounter pieces, a large map detailing a cavern area, encounter and map matrix keys, and an additional section pertaining to a unique new creature for use with this module and the game as a whole. A complete setting for play of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is contained herein. This module can be played alone, as the first part of a series of three modules (with SHRINE OF THE KUO-TOA, D2, and VAULT OF THE DROW, D3), or as the fourth part of a continuing series of modules which form a special progressive campaign scenario (DUNGEON MODULES G1, G2, G3, D1, D2, D3, and Q1, (QUEEN OF THE DEMONWEB PITS, soon to be released).

Extra Info

Publisher: TSR
Game System:
Category: AD&D
Setting: NA (Greyhawk)
Format: book w/tri-fold cover
Page Count: 16