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Mage Knight Conquest Grand-Scale Battles Siege Pack

Mage Knight Conquest Grand-Scale Battles Siege Pack

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    This set of 7, pre-painted plastic miniatures features a barbarian, a fighter and a witch, plus four machines of war: a living ballista, a cannon, a mortar, and skull ballista.

    Mage Knight Conquest is a fast-paced miniatures game allowing players to field huge armies worth 1,000's of points.  Every Mage Knight figure can be used in Mage Knight Conquest.  This introductory set of miniatures includes a 96-page book containing rules and optional rules, 4 Siege Engines, and 3 unique Mage Knight figures with abilities like Command, Pierce, and Force March.

    Figures and siege engines can also be used in any fantasy roleplaying miniatures game.

    By WizKids, 2002, Out-of-print.  New in Original Packaging.

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