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Star Trek Generations: Klingon Disruptor

Star Trek Generations: Klingon Disruptor

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  • Description

    A vintage toy from Star Trek Generations, this is a Klingon Disruptor.  It is a powerful energy-focused weapon, with two levels of power: stune, which temporarily incapacitates the victim; and disrupt, which can cause permanent damage, even death. This rare toy from Playmates, 1994, features:

    • Real Flashing Light-up Beam Emitter!
    • Klingon Disruptor Sounds: Stun and Disrupt!
    • Ergonomic Design with Fast Firing Capability!
    • Bonus: Technical Blueprint included!
    CONDITION: New in its Original Box.  Box shows shelf-wear, in Excellent Condition.
  • Details
    Product Code: PM 6146
    Manufacturer: Playmates
    Product Line: Star Trek
    Creature: Klingon Disruptor