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W Britain Winter Offerings ACW Christmas 2002 Limited Edition #17442

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From W Britain's American Civil War Series comes  "Winter Offerings", the Limited Edition 2002 Christmas Special. The scene features two Confederate soldiers meeting by a campfire.   These hand-crafted figures are based on a painting of the same title by Dale Gallon in his  "Seasons of the Confederacy" series.  The scene includes a base with the camp scene.  The scene was produced by William Britain Ltd, one of the finest makers of model soldiers in the world, in 2002, as a Limited Edition Christmas Special.  Only 500 pieces were made.

CONDITION: Mint in original box, including Certificate of Limited Edition, description of the piece, and large postcard-size print of "Winter Offerings" by Dale Gallon.

Set of 3: Campfire base and 2 figures (54mm), Painted metal. W. Britain Collectibles, 2002.

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Product Line: Civil War
Product Code: 17442
Year Produced: 2002
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Manufacturer: W Britain