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Free RPG Day at DOKs - June 22, 2024 - Giveaways & Gaming!

Free RPG Day at DOK's - June 22, 2024 - Giveaways & Gaming!

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    Free RPG Day is Saturday, June 22th at The Days of Knights. From 10am-7pm, we'll be giving away free RPG modules and gaming accessories, from the top game manufacturers like Paizo (Pathfinder & Starfinder), WizKids, Loke Battle Mats, Goodman Games, Magpie Games, Modiphius and many more!

    Free RPG Tabletop adventures will run from 1-4 pm and 6-9 pm in DOKS Game Club behind the store. RPG games include fantasy and Sci-fi adventures for 3-6 party members. Seasoned GMs will run an exclusive Free RPG Day Quick Starter of Dragonbane, a d20-based fantasy RPG coming later this year from Free League Publishing. Will plans to run a D&D 5e adventure.

    No advanced registration is needed, just bring a pencil and some dice to play. Space is limited; players may join a game on a first-come, first-served basis.