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DOK's Game Club Weekly Schedule

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    DOK's Game Club is open from during store hours and in the evenings for gaming events. There is free parking behind The Days of Knights, 173 E Main St. Newark, DE 19711. Events are free unless otherwise noted.

    Join us for these events:
    MONDAY   6:30 pm     Magic the Gathering Booster Draft
                                     *fee charged

    TUESDAY  5 pm          Board Game Night  Free!

    WED.        6 pm          Yu-Gi-Oh! League  *fee charged

    THURS.     5 pm          MTG Commander & Casual Play   Free!

    FRIDAY     6:30 pm      MTG  Friday Night Magic

    SAT.          12 noon      Second Saturday of Month
                                      Board Game Day! Free!

    SUN.         2 pm           Dungeons & Dragons 5e   Free!

             1-4 /5-9pm      Third Sunday of Month
                                    Tabletop RPG Day! Free!
                                     D&D 5e & Indie Games w/ Guest GMs

    SAT. & SUN. 12noon   See Calendar for MTG PreRelease, Special Events
                                     *Fee may be charged