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Relaxicon 2020 Gaming Convention Apr. 17-19

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    The Days of Knights is a proud sponsor of the Board Games Room of Relaxicon 2020. The Wilmark Dynasty's Relaxicon is a weekend-long gaming convention from Friday-Sunday, April 17-19 at the Great Western Plus in King of Prssia, PA.  The Spring convention features Mini-LARPs, Tabletop RPG games, and a Board & Card Games Room.  There will be open gaming as well as tournaments and Featured Games in the Board Games Area throughout the Weekend.

    Check out the website at https://elyssiamccormick.wixsite.com/relaxicon2020 for details on registration, fees, and overnight accommodations.

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    Product Code: Friday - Sunday
    Manufacturer: Wilmark Dyasty
    Product Line: April 17-19, 2020