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Bilbo's Birthday Party, Fri. Sept. 22nd at DOKS

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    Bilbo's Birthday Party at The Days of Knights on Friday, September 22nd, 12-7 pm

    Join the fun and celebrate J.R.R. Tolkien's legacy with us at Bilbo's Birthday Party, featuring jolly festivities, free treats, entertainment, and games and contests for kids and adults from 12-7 pm, Friday Sept. 22. Plus we're going to have incredible sales at the store!   And, new this year, we'll have online LOTR's Riddling and Trivia contests you can participate in.

    ONLINE "Riddles in the Dark" Contest.  Cut & Paste the link below to participate and get a discount coupon & chance to win a prize!


    For Shoppers at The Days of Knights, 10 am - 7 pm

    • Free Treats & Drinks
    • 20% Off Storewide Sale; 25-50% Off LOTR merchandise
    • Prize Drawings 
    Special Events
    • 1 pm: Elfish Crystal Bowls Birthday Song Performance by Ciela McDevitt
    • 3 pm: LOTR Tarot Readings with Madame Micaela
    • 5 pm: LOTR Miniature Painting Workshop with GW's Battle of Osgiliath mini's, conducted by Tim McDevitt
    For Kids & Gamers in DOKS Game Club, 12-7 pm
    • Lord of the Rings Gaming throughout the afternoon
    • LOTR Lego's and puzzles
    • Coloring for Kids of all ages
    • Prize Drawings for participants 

     New this year we'll have online contests--Tolkien Trivia and Riddles in the Dark--that will be posted on our website the week of September 22. So if you can't stop by, you can enter a contest online.