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D&D CM9 - Legacy of Blood 9210

D&D CM9 - Legacy of Blood 9210

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  • Description

    Your cousin Rolph is dead - and while there is cause for sadness, there is also cause for celebration. As his heir, you were willed his dominion: Fenhold.
    Of course, the Deep Swamp is threatening to engulf all of your new holding. People are seeing ghosts, disappearing without reason, and crops are suddenly blighted.
    The farmers don't like the swampdwellers, the swampdwellers don't like the farmers, and no one likes the halflings. The entire civil service of the dominion seems to have either worked for the failure of the dominion or resigned due to actions of the others.
    It's going to be a tough task to make all this shipshape once again, but you're 15th level now. Isn't it about time you settled down?

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Category: Basic D&D
    Setting: NA (Mystara)
    Page Count: 32