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D&D CM1 - Test of the Warlords 9117

D&D CM1 - Test of the Warlords 9117

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  • Description

    The king requests your presence in the honorable kingdom of Norwold. If you're worthy, you may be appointed lord of a dominion filled with friendly villages, sturdy fortresses, and raging bands of monsters.

    Raging bands of monsters?

    Well, yes, and you may have to lead your forces into a war or two. But you'll be ready for the challenge. You'll be ready for treacherous spies who conspire to steal your land. You'll be ready for a foul band of frost giants that raids your dominions. And you'll be ready for the inevitable clash of empires, the outcome of which may alter the fate of millions. You'll be ready!
    Won't you?

    Test of the Warlords includes a complete campaign setting, several new NPCs, dungeon and wilderness encounters, and guidelines for running a war between empires.

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Category: Basic D&D
    Setting: NA (Mystara)
    Page Count: 32