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AD&D 1E - Deities & Demigods 2013HC  (1st Printing 1980)

AD&D 1E - Deities & Demigods 2013HC (1st Printing 1980)

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    Deities & Demigods Cyclopedia provides the Dungeon Master with gods, heroes and monsters from myth, fiction and legend for use in rounding out an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons scenario or campaign.  Within this hardcover book are 17 Pantheons of Divinities, each profusely illustrated.  Also included are new materials on Cleric's Conduct and their relationships with their Gods, as well as information on Character Morality and Immorality. 


    NOTE:  This 1rd printing of Deities & Demigods includes Cthulhu Pantheon and no thank you note to Chaosium on page 4.

  • Details
    Year: 1980
    Game System: AD&D 1E
    Author(s): Robert J. Knutz