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AD&D 2E Council of Wyrms Adventure Deluxe Box Set #1107

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New - Other (some shelfwear/age), 3 In stock
  • Description

    Imagine that you are a dragon - possessing amazing abilities, deadly breath weapons, claws like long swords, and teeth like dagger!

    This vintage Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2E Council of Wyrms Deluxe Box Set Adventure Game (1994) provides everything you need to create a campaign for dragon player characters. In addition there are rules for creating elf, dwarf, and gnome "kindred" for your dragon, and two additional character classes-- half-dragon and dragon slayers.  

    This deluxe boxed set includes a:

    • 64-page Rules Book with rules for creating dragon and kindred PCs
    • 64-page Campaign Book with details revealing the secrets behind dragonkind, including new kits for dragon PCs
    • 64-page Adventure Boook with a series of adventures designed to challenge the strongest dragon characters
    • 12 full-color reference cards
    • 3 full-color poster: a dragon-sizes comparison chart, a map of dragon island homes, and a guide to dragon clans
    CONDITION: Brand New in shrink wrap.  Box is Near Mint, showing minimal shelfwear. 
    TSR, AD&D 2nd Edition, Printed in 1994. 
  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Year: 1994
    Game System: AD&D 2E
    Edition: AD&D 2nd Edition
    Category: Role Playing Game