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Transformers TCG: Rise of the Combiners - Booster Pack

Transformers TCG: Rise of the Combiners - Booster Pack

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  • Description
    Transformers TCG Rise of the Combiners Booster Pack PREPARE FOR BATTLE: Approximately 1 in 2 RISE OF THE COMBINERS Booster Packs contains a Character Card needed to form a Combiner character. COMBINE! Each Combiner Character Card is the size of a standard Transformers TCG character card, but has a Combiner piece on one side, and the Alt and Bot modes of a character on the other. Combiner Character Cards have a reinforced hinge in the center, allowing them to fold between their three modes! ROLL OUT! Each RISE OF THE COMBINERS booster pack includes 1 foil Transformers Character Card and 7 Battle Cards. Most Booster Packs contain 1 Rare Battle Card. Chance of Super Rare Transformers Character Card 1:50 Booster Packs. CONVERT! You can flip the Transformers Character Cards in Booster Packs from Bot Mode to Alt Mode and back—and one side of each Character Card is foil!