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    ZoxSo: The New Ancient Game

    This is a fast-paced strategy game for two players, ages 10 and up.

    ZoxSo is played simultaneously in two separate yet interlinked "realms" on one game board. The ZoxSo board consists of an 8 x 8 grid of "Pearls" and a 7 x 7 grid of "Stones" wherein the pieces flip back-and-forth and behave differently in each realm. Each coin-like piece has, on its opposite sides, dual personalities: One personality that may exist only on the Pearls, and one personality that may exist only on the Stones.

    In the first part of the game, the "Placement Phase," players take turns placing their pieces on the board onto empty Pearls outside "The Wall." During this phase the players each strive to aggressively carve out their own position and strategic/tactical plans, while at the same time trying to cut across their opponent's position and plans.

    As soon as all 20 pieces are on the board, the second phase of the game begins: "The Race to the Throne." In this phase, the players alternately either: 1) move a piece; or 2) flip a piece; or 3) flip-and-move a piece. Using competing captures, tactics, and strategies, players each strive to be the first player to win by either: 1) moving or flipping his/her Xing (Emperor) onto the Golden Throne in the center of the board; or, 2) capturing the opponent's Xing (Emperor).

    Note that good initial placement is highly important for success in ZoxSo; while sharp and accurate play during the "Race to the Throne" phase to follow-up the initial placement is, well, pretty much just as important.

    Players are sometimes surprised at how strategically and tactically "brutal" ZoxSo can be, but that's simply the nature of the beast. And while it's easy to learn the rules of ZoxSo, it really will take a lifetime to master the game.

  • Details
    BGID: 52827
    Category: Abstract Strategy
    Time: 15 minutes
    Designer: David Weinstock
    Year: 2009
    Artist: Raven Mimura
    Ages: 8 and up
    Publisher: Mindspan Labs