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    A civilization building game has been created that clocks in under two hours. Tempus plays on a modular board with an array of landscapes on each land tile to ensure a different game every session. Each turn pushes player's technological advancements forward, starting from fire and ending in the modern age.Players are constantly faced with tough choices to vie for technological superiority or better positioning on the game board. This game features a rubber-banding mechanic in technological upgrading where players catch up to the leader's advances at the end of every turn, and shoot forward to take advantage of any new technologies that are discovered. This keeps players constantly in check, while rewarding planning for the next turn by giving an edge-up.Tempus showcases a simple diceless battle mechanic featuring a subtle fog of war with Idea cards. Each card is dual purpose. Using a card for war, means giving up extra abilities that the Idea cards can grant. Or you might just want to hold on to them to advance in technology. - BoardGameGeek
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