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Sid Meier's Civilization: The Boardgame Eagle Games

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  • Description
    A boardgame version of an award-winning PC strategy game, Civilization has players create a civilization to stand the test of time... from a small village in 4000 BC you begin your journey of growth and expansion to become a great city and then an entire civilization. The game features: 784 plastic miniature pieces (22 unique sculptures) representing cities, settlers, armies, navies and artillery from 4 different historical eras... Ancient, Medieval, Gunpowder, and Modern An enormous 46"x36" GameBoard Over 100 full-color Technology and Wonder Cards Two Sets of Rules: Standard and Advanced First Edition by Eagle Games in 2002. CONDITION: New in Original Shrinkwrap.
  • Details
    Category: Epic Strategy Game
    Designer: Sid Meier
    Players: 2-6 players
    Year: 2002
    Family: Civilization
    Ages: 10+
    Publisher: Eagle Game