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Orcs Orcs Orcs Expansion 1 Reinforcements

Orcs Orcs Orcs Expansion 1 Reinforcements

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  • Description

    With Reinforcements players are getting three new modules that alter Orcs Orcs Orcs in interesting ways.

    MODULE 1: Reinforcements

    Three reptile creatures are joining battle with the orcs. At the start of the game choose with which you want to play and just switch them with one of the corresponding creatures of the basic game.

    • Flying Croc: The tough one among the so called “weak” Creatures. With his three life points he makes it a hell of a lot harder for the mages to get things going in terms of special abilities.
    • Spawning Toad: Once this big blob is defeated he drops a Toadling token on the sector where he was located. The toadling has one life point and when defeated gives the mage a one-time use special ability such as take one extra action, draw a card or gain a mana of his choice.
    • Bomber: Defeating him on your first action gives you a huge opportunity to get even more things done on your turn since he will inflict one damage to all creatures on the same patch.

    MODULE 2: Terrains

    There are three terrain types coming with this module which will have different effects once a creature steps onto them. At the start of the game mix the terrain patches and put them randomly across the battlefield.

    • Streets: Creatures who step onto a street will immediately advance one patch closer to the tower, so be careful.
    • Stone field: Creatures on the stone field have cover and thus have an extra life point.
    • Mandrel vines: Creatures are getting hurt in those vines thus having minus one life point.

    MODULE 3: New Fate cards

    With the addition of the new fate cards things become increasingly more difficult for the mages to deal with the charging orc hordes. The most important rule change is that mages can now only attack creatures in the front lines, meaning the first creatures they see on their lane. So better secure the best spots on the tower. The new fate cards change the way creatures are moving towards the tower. They now move in packs and on specific lanes, rather than a whole category.


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