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Miserian Wars

Miserian Wars

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  • Description
    2 or 4 players take on the roles of up to 4 different kings. Each king is armed with an army of 4 different guilds the beggars, merchants, thieves and knights.The goal is for each king to position his guilds throughout the Land of Miseria. Miseria's old king has passed on and left no heir, this is where the new kings come in. Your guilds must attempt to occupy the 5 sectors of Miseria the slums, lower and upper cities, the towers and the castle. Through a series of attacks and maneuvers, players must strategically position their pieces, all while Miseria deteriorates during game play.Each guild piece has a strength and move value determining its power, while certain sanctions are put in place enabling choice pieces to attack other choice pieces in descending order knights, thieves, merchants and beggars. Each sector also gives the defending guild a defense bonus during battle.Occupy the 5 sectors of Miseria or simply eliminate the other players. And beware of the occasional Chaos Riot that could break out over the entire land! Good Luck! - BoardGameGeek
  • Details
    BGID: 18038
    Time: 60 minutes
    PrimaryName: Miserian Wars
    Players: 2 to 4
    Year: 2005
    Product Title: Miserian Wars
    Mechanics: Area Movement
    Ages: 12 and up
    Publisher: Mercom Games, Inc