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Inca Empire

Inca Empire

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    In INCA EMPIRE the players are "Apus" (leader of one of the four regions/suyus). Your job as an Apu is to increase your status in the eyes of the divine emperor ("Sapa Inca") by doing the best job of expanding and improving the empire. Each Apu begins with the manpower of their region of the original empire. They build roads and conquer neighboring regions, increasing the manpower and resources available to them. Apus are awarded for each new region they add to the empire and for improvements such as terraces, garrisons, cities and temples.

    The player who has the most victory points (VP) at the moment Pizarro arrives in the Inca capital at Cuzco wins the game.


    Note! Due to the highly interactive nature of the Sun card placement, Inca Empire cannot be played with only two players.


    2011 International Gamers Awards Nominee


    1 Game board (double-sided: front side for 4 players; back side for 3 players)
    1 Sun Event board (double-sided: front side for 4 players; back side for 3 players)
    4 Construction Cost cards
    32 Sun Event cards
    73 Labor Tokens
    45 Local Culture markers
    4 Invasion markers (only required for the variant “Pizzaro’s Arrival”)
    20 City markers
    20 Terrace markers
    20 Garrison markers
    20 Temple markers
    4 Turn Order tiles
    4 Colored Inca figures (in the colors brown, orange, green and blue)
    1 Black Inca figure
    240 Wooden sticks (60 sticks in each color)
    1 Rulebook


    mb - Inca Empire fan (cover)

    mb - Inca Empire fan (Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui)

    mb - Inca Empire fan (garrison marker)

    mb - Inca Empire fan (terrace marker)

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