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Ether Wars

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    Ether is the most sought-after and rare power source in the known Universe. To avoid further conflict over it, an official battle is set up between the four main sentient species. Will you be able to bring your team to victory? Will you be the champion of the Ether?


    In Ether Wars up to four players must fight to outwit and outmaneuver the enemy forces in a battle over territory and resources. The main goal is to collect more Ether than your opponent, but how you get there is another matter. You’ll have to place your troops wisely, establish shifty alliances, and beg, borrow or steal your way into the top.


    The game captures the essence of resource management and worker placement games. Over 50 dice are used to represent the troops. Unique mercenaries for hire can turn the tide of battle at any time. Each day brings a unique event to the table. Favor cards allow for trickery. We warn you: it will be an uphill battle.