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    Viking strongholds are built upon the Swedish island called Oland.The target of the game is that when one player has completed his stronghold, or after 12 turns at the latest, the player with the most valuable stronghold wins the game.The game proceeds in weeks, and every week runs down after the following scheme: 1. The items of this week appear. 2. Every player plans simultaneously his movements and writes them down. 3. The recorded movements are executed. 4. Fights and sieges are carried out. 5. The obtained items are built into the strongholds. 6. All Vikings recover one step. Change of the starting player.Note: In the 2007 reprint by Queen games, movements are planned with meeples on then hidden player boards, not written down. Then all boards are revealed and the meeples are placed on the board according to the planning. Turns are reduced to 10 max (or one player completes his stronghold first). - BoardGameGeek

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    BGID: 6281
    Time: 45 minutes
    Designer: Dirk Henn
    PrimaryName: Eketorp
    Players: 3 to 6
    Year: 2002
    Product Title: Eketorp
    Ages: 10 and up
    Publisher: db-Spiele, Queen