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Change Horses

Change Horses

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  • Description

    A racing game with a twist.

    Players secretly get a horse (of a particular color) assigned before the game starts. The player with the horse in last place at the end of the game wins.

    On your turn - sequence of play is decided by auction - you play a card that controls two different colored horese. When every player has put down cards, the horses move; but only horses with an odd number of cards on the table! If the number of open cards is even, the horse does not move.

    But, true to the spirit of horse racing, each player has a chance to play a "dirty trick", including Change Horses. This can affect the game dramatically.

    The best detailed description of the game is here.

    {This is one of the few multiplayer games that plays equally well with only two}

    Without wishing to beat a dead horse, I would like to suggest that players use the carrot bidding option for all games; the game without carrots should be reserved for youngsters, first-timers, and those who need to hurry home to relieve the baby sitter.--The Big Game hunter

  • Details
    BGID: 30379
    Category: Bluffing, Racing
    Time: 30 minutes
    Designer: Bruce Whitehill
    Year: 2008
    Artist: Alexander Jung
    Ages: 8 and up