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Africa 1880

Africa 1880

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  • Description

    Africa 1880, the game of Exploration and Exploitation, is on sale for 50% off retail price!

    For 3-6 players, 14 years old and up.  A game of strategy that takes 3-4 hours to play.

    Relive the Colonial adventure with Africa 1880! Between 1880 and 1914 European nations fiercely raced to gain control of the Dark Continent. Each player represents a nation exploring and colonizing Africa. The success of their adventure, however, has more to do with intrigue in the luxurious parlors of the embassies than hacking away through the jungle. Negotiating alliances and declaring war are what change the face of the world!' Contains 22 resin-cast miniatures, 180 die-cut counters, one game board representing Africa, one rule book in English and French, and order sheets - BoardGameGeek

  • Details
    BGID: 273
    Time: 120 minutes
    Designer: Francis Pacherie
    PrimaryName: Africa 1880
    Players: 3 to 6
    Year: 1998
    Product Title: Africa 1880
    Ages: 14 and up