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GD 42

GD '42

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    25 November, 1942: As part of Operation Mars, the Soviet 238th Rifle Division, supported by tanks of the 49th Tank Brigade, attacked into the Luchessa Valley, trying to create a breach for the waiting 3rd Mech Corps to exploit. For reasons still unknown, right before the attack the German 9th Army ordered three battalions the GD Division to move to the Luchessa Valley as OKH reserve, thus backing up the weak 216th Grenadier Regiment. Because of the presence of the GD, the Soviets were unable to force a breakthrough and decided to commit the 3rd Mech Corps into the meat grinder to force the issue...

    GD ’42 covers the desperate battle for survival of the GD Division as it faced down the entire Soviet 3rd Mech Corps (with over 200 tanks) over several days. Designer Wig Graves conducted extensive research, combing both German and Soviet sources to create the order of battle. The Soviets begin with seemingly overwhelming force, while the Germans trade space for time and attempt to rush reinforcements to the front to plug inevitable gaps. While the Germans are primarily on the defense, careful counter-attacks against the relatively immobile Soviet formations can prove to be key to victory. And if the Soviets do not preserve their forces carefully, they will end with the historical result: stable German lines and an entire mechanized corps wrecked.

    GD ’42 uses the new Tactical Combat Series rules. The features of TCS 4.0 rules are:
    Vehicle impulses increase operational tempo for tanks
    Introduction of spotting ranges
    Streamlined assault rules
    Combined Area and Point Fire table
    Introduction of morale for vehicles
    Enhance combined arms effects
    Artillery subsystem improved

    GD'42 Contains:
    3 22”x34” maps
    3 countersheets (840 ½” counters)
    1 TCS 4.0 Series Rulebook
    2 TCS 4.0 charts
    1 GD ’42 Rulebook
    2 Morale Charts
    2 Dice

    From the developer:
    GD '42 is a great addition to the TCS series and may well be the best game of them all. Wig Graves did outstanding research and captured a critical moment in the history of the Großdeutschland (now) Division as it attempted to fend off an entire Soviet mechanized corps.

    The TCS does an excellent job simulating this 6 day battle (on three maps), allowing for plenty of opportunities for Maneuver Warfare through clever Op Sheets and misdirection. Players get a real feel for the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. Soviet formations are huge but rather inflexible and somewhat brittle. The Germans are too thin to hold the line, and must use maneuver and counterattacks to keep the Soviets at bay. Because it occurs during winter, daylight hours are few and the campaign plays faster than you might suspect.

    And while the campaign game is the real gem (of course), there are also a number of 1-map scenarios covering the initial assault that are great as stand-alone scenarios or as 'training' for the campaign (which can be started on 3 different dates).

    The German player will learn to love and cherish his few 88mm guns, while the Soviets will learn to pray for snow.

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