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Cold Days in Hell

Cold Days in Hell

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    Sub-title-'Eastern Front, 1939-1945'. Part III of the 'Empires of Apocalypse' games series, but completely playable as its own stand-alone game. This covers not only the Russian Front, but any other areas NOT covered by the 1st 2-parts - Morsecode - or Triumph and Fall of the Desert Fox.The components consist of the following: 1400-Full COLOR die-cut cardboard counters 6-Full COLOR paper Mapsheets encompassing an area stretching from Eastern Germany to the Urals, & from Turkey to Northern Scandinavia 1-E.o.t.A. Series RULES Book 1-Special 'Eastern Front' RULES & Scenario Book 5-Full COLOR Player Aid Cards 3-BLACK & WHITE Player Aid Cards 1-Full COLOR Charts & Table sheet & a cardboard storage Box.Some of the 'New' inclusions are: Completely Revised 'Research' concepts and a 'New' Research Table Diplomacy 'intrigue' Lend-Lease gradual involvement by the U.S.A and even more Partisans! The Mapsheets have 5-'Front' lines for additional Scenarios such as: 'Winter '41' 'Fall Blau' 'Stalingrad' 'Summer '44' & 'The Fall of the Reich'.There are also shorter Scenarios for quicker games, although you can extend them up until the actual end of the massive conflict in 1945 if you'd like. These are: Poland-1939 The Balkan Campaign-May,1941 Barbarossa-June, 1941 & Kursk, Summer-1943. Plus the entire Eastern Front Campaign-1941~1945. For those most adventurous folks, they can even combine ALL the 3-parts for one massive, full-fledged, all-consuming game of their lifetimes!Expands (neither are required): Morsecode - Triumph and Fall of the Desert Fox - BoardGameGeek
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