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The Racing Horse Game

The Racing Horse Game

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    The game requires a standard deck of cards (included) and poker chips (not included) to play.

    Set all the horses at the starting gate. The player to the left of the dealer rolls the dice to determine which four horses are scratched from the race. If a 2 and 6 were rolled on the dice, then horse 8 is scratched and all players holding an eight from the deck of cards, lays it aside.

    The next player then rolls the dice and moves the matching horse up one slot. When the number of one of the scratched horses comes up, the player must put chips totaling the amount shown on the side of that slot that the horse is in.

    The next player roles the dice and play continues in like fashion until one horse reaches the end of its run.

    The winning players are the ones holding cards that match number of the horse that first completed its run. Players that do not have cards that match that number, must add chips into the pot equaling the number of cards left in their hand. The pot is then split amongst the winners.

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