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Peg Poker, A Card Dice Game

Peg Poker, A "Card Dice" Game

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  • Description

    Peg Poker is a game of change, strategy and skill.  It includes a peg board of poker hands and a set of "Card Dice"--a full set of playing cards arranged on 13 unique 4-sided dice.  You are your own dealer and have 8 different types of hands available on the peg board.  Experience the fun and excitement of playing a Full House, Four of A Kind, or even a Royal Flush!  You will win if you are the first player or team to control four squares in a row in any one direction on the peg board.

    8 to adult. 1-4 players. Average game is 30 minutes to play.

    Vintage Game, Wheeler Games, 1993.

  • Details
    PrimaryName: Peg Poker
    Players: 1 - 4 players
    Year: 1993
    Product Title: Peg Poker
    Ages: 8 to adult
    Publisher: Wheeler Games