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Dice Hospital: Add-Ons Box

Dice Hospital: Add-Ons Box

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    If your customers are interested in expanding and improving their Dice Hospital, this add-ons box is a just what the doctor ordered. This is the perfect product for fans of the core game who are ready to take their fun to the next level. It's even a great fit for first timers who may have played it at a convention or a friend's house and fell in love with the game. Dice Tower: This is an "assemble your own" Dice Hospital dice tower! It will be easy to pack flat and put away in the add-ons box. Ambulances: The plastic ambulances hold the dice when drafting. Players will be able to see the values easily, and they all have a slot for each die. Stickers: These are used to number the ambulances, so that you know which ambulance should hold which dice. It also determines initiative for the upgrade section of the round.