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Cuphead Roll and Run

Cuphead Roll and Run

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  • Description

    From the popular Cuphead video game, comes an all new fast action, original cooperative dice game where players must roll dice to defeat iconic bosses. Featuring the classic hand-drawn 1930’s art style, this card and dice game emulates the side-scrolling, run-and-gun excitement from the video game.


    1-4 players

    Ages 8+

    20+ minute play time



    4 Player Boards

    1 Center Board

    1 Boss Health Tracker

    24 Six-Sided Dice

    20 Wallop Cards

    16 Health Tokens

    12 Parry Tokens

    40 Coins

    5 Time Tokens

    8 Boss Decks (25-40 cards each)

    1 Results Tracker

    1 Pad of Save Sheets