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Box of Bunco Deluxe

Box of Bunco Deluxe

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  • Description

    BUNCO is a popular progressive dice game for 2-12 players, 7 years and over. There are six rounds of play, each with a different target number (1-6) during the round.  Box of Bunco brings you light competition and wonderful social fun making it a great game for parties, kids, and families. Deluxe version includes Silver toned bell, 9 brightly-colored dice (three different sets), 3 dice cups, Score pads, embossed pencils, storage tray and illustrated rule book. 

  • Details
    Category: Dice Games
    PrimaryName: Box of Bunco
    Year: 2004
    Product Title: Box of Bunco Deluxe
    Publisher: Winning Moves Games