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Space Sheep!  $10 Off!

Space Sheep! $10 Off!

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    You are a Sheep.
    You are a Defender in the Strategic Sheep Command.
    You have trained all of your career for this moment in history.
    You will issue Tactics to the Shepherd Fleet to direct the Rescue Mission.
    You know how to defeat Wolf – "Ewe's The Force..."

    Space Sheep! is a real-time, customizable, cooperative game – with possible traitor(s) in your midst – for 1-8 players. The Defenders want to get the Space Sheep tokens and Shepherd tokens back to their matching Systems before all the cards are gone and time has run out. (If playing with Infiltrators, thus making the game semi-cooperative, each player receives a secret allegiance card; each player knows only her own allegiance, leaving her to guess and decipher who else is on her team.)

    In Space Sheep!, one player acts as the Supreme Flock Commander, managing the one-minute sand timer. If the sand runs out, Wolf attacks and players must discard cards from the Defense Mat, the deck, or their hands; if they can't, they lose the game. If the Wolf token has been knocked on its side, the Supreme Flock Commander may flip the sand timer before it runs out to avoid the Wolf attack, standing up the Wolf token and moving it to another System in the process.

    Players who are Infiltrators will, of course, be attempting to delay action, make poor moves, and subtly manipulate the other players into making poor choices of their own. At any time players may point at one another in an accusatory fashion. If more than half the players simultaneously point at one player, this player is out of the game. He then reveals his Allegiance and:

    • If players have found an Infiltrator, shuffle the player's cards in hand and place them on the bottom of the deck.
    • If players have found a Defender, place the player's cards in hand on the face-down discard pile. On the ousted player's turn, Wolf attacks.
    So Space Sheep is a tongue-in-cheek cooperative strategy game for one and all.


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