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Munchkin Pathfinder - Truly Gobnoxious

Munchkin Pathfinder - Truly Gobnoxious

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  • Description

    Goblins aren't just annoying... they are Truly Gobnoxious! Here are 10 more Goblins-- plus a few cards to fight them-- for Munchkin Pathfinder or for any Munchkin game for that matter!

    This is an expansion to Munchkin Pathfinder and not a stand-alone game.  It is not a collectible or randomized set, every pack of Munchkin Pathfinder: Truly Gobnoxious is the same as any other.

  • Details
    Category: Card, Family, Party
    Year: 2016
    Family: Munchkin
    Ages: 10+
    Description: Munchkin Expansion
    Publisher: Steve Jackson Games