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51st State - Ultimate Edition

51st State - Ultimate Edition

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    51st State is a card game for advanced players, in which the goal is to develop one of the factions of the post-apocalyptic universe of Neuroshima. Use your resources to build new Locations, make Deals with your neighbors and don't hesitate to attack them whenever the opportunity arises. And above all, build a working engine that will allow you to turn every action into victory points.


    51st State: Ultimate Edition is a complete version of an advanced card game in which players develop their factions in the post-apocalyptic Neuroshima universe. Use your resources to build new Locations, make Deals with neighbors, and do not hesitate to attack when the right moment comes. Most importantly, build an efficient engine that will grant you victory points for every action you take.


    Since 2010, when 51st State was launched, the game has gained incredible popularity and fans all over the world. In 2022, the title was presented on the Gamefound platform, convincing over 6,000 players to support the project. This enabled the production of not only the campaign version, but also this retail version.


    51st State: Ultimate Edition includes the base game and all 6 expansions, including the new expansion No Man's Land, which introduces an area control mechanism to the gameplay. Another exciting addition is a new solo mode allowing you to compete against an AI player. The replayability of the Ultimate Edition is endless.