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Sid Meiers Civilization: The Board Game - Fame and Fortune

Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game - Fame and Fortune

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    Game description from the publisher:

    The Fame and Fortune expansion for Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game provides players with new game options, and brings a host of enhancements.

    • Four new civilizations: The Arabs, the Spanish, the Greeks, and the Indians.
    • A new deck of "Great Person" cards that allows players to recruit the aid of specific figures from history, such as Joan of Arc, Marco Polo, Hannibal, or Gustavus Adolphus.
    • New map tiles, tech cards, culture event cards, and the introduction of the investment deck, which features cards that allow players to spend hard-earned coin to reap ongoing benefits.
    • Components for a fifth player.

    With eleven new map tiles, over 150 cards, plus more than 120 markers and tokens, Fame and Fortune offers a remarkable set of engaging new options to guide your people to greatness!

    New Faction Microbadges:


    • Rulebook
    • 4 Civilization sheets
    • 4 Trade dials
    • 4 Economy dials
    • 4 Plastic connectors
    • 4 Culture level markers
    • 4 Home map tiles
    • 7 Neutral map tiles
    • 3 Relic markers
    • 6 Plastic army figures (purple)
    • 2 Plastic scout figures (purple)
    • 1 Plastic Spanish scout figure (white)

    • 152 small cards
    • 9 Wonder markers
    • 23 Investment markers
    • 5 Metropolis markers (1 per player)
    • 10 New hut markers
    • 5 New village markers
    • 15 Fortification/caraven markers
    • 8 Disater markers (water/forest)
    • 24 Five-point culture tokens
    • 14 5th player markers (Military techs, Cities, Market resources)
    • 1 Reference sheet (for the 5th player)

    Official Rules

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