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A la Carte: Dessert

A la Carte: Dessert

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  • Description

    An expansion for A la Carte, Dessert introduces new gourmet desserts for avid gamers including Spice Dice, Salty Dogs or the fiery Pomitos Frititos.

    This expansion contains 4 mini expansions for A la Carte and the components necessary to add a fifth player.

    • Menus

    Before the game starts each player receives 3 menus and chooses one. He doesn't let the other players know which menus he/she has. If a player successfully prepares the dishes on the menu, at the end of the game he/she receive extra victory points. Otherwise he/she gets no extra points. For some of the menus the player also needs at least one star.

    • New Coffee Cups

    Two new coffee cups are added to the game
    - Trash can: Instead of choosing a dish from the table, a player can choose a dish from the trash can and place the dish in his/her pan.
    - Flavor neutralizer: The player chooses a spice (even salt) from his/her pan and removes it from the game.

    • Salt Dishes

    There are 5 different salt dishes. The salt dishes are placed along the other dishes. The dishes are cooked as normal, only salt is needed.

    • Spice Mixing

    This is a new spice bottle that has 5 grains of each of the 4 different spices inside (for a total of 20). There is no salt in this bottle. A player can choose this bottle to add spices to his/her dish.

    - 1 hotbed
    - 1 pan
    - 1 bottle
    - 20 spices in 4 colors
    - 5 salt dishes
    - 6 coffee cups
    - 1 pancake
    - 1 tray
    - 3 stars
    - 16 menus
    - rules

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