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Ravenloft - Howls in the Night 9466

Ravenloft - Howls in the Night 9466

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The Mists of Ravenloft draw close, surrounding unfortunate travelers in their clammy embrace. When they part, they reveal the land of Mordent, a domain of rolling moors and woods, beautiful by day and terrifying by night.
A new danger lurks in the haunted moors: hounds whose mournful howls and murderous jaws trap the townsfolk in their homes at night. At the heart of it all lies a curse laid a century ago, and a tale of bitter tragedy.
Even now, you can hear the howls in the night...

Howls in the Night is a dark fantasy murder mystery - but one in which the victim has been dead for 100 years! Alternate adventure backgrounds allow the Dungeon Master to choose one of four possible conclusions.

Extra Info

Publisher: TSR
Game System:
Category: Adventure
Setting: Ravenloft
Format: book w/cover
Page Count: 32