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Ravenloft - Dark of the Moon 9419

Ravenloft - Dark of the Moon 9419

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In the bitter cold of a land mired in eternal winter, hunters take the shape of wolves to better kill their prey. They stalk the snow-filled forests on paws of deadly silence. Powerful and swift, these evil shapechangers roam the land at will, murdering those who oppose them and plundering the weak. At the head of this pack paces the great Black Wolf of the wood. Is this murderous beast the underling of Gregor Zolnik, the boyar who rules this waste? Seeking to extend his conquests by any means he can, Gregor has cowed the land of Vorostokov by relying on ruthless strength and savagery. Are your player characters clever enough to survive against villains who are stronger, faster, and fiercer than any they've ever encountered? The Black Wolf awaits your answer in the biting cold....

Extra Info

Publisher: TSR
Game System:
Category: Adventure
Setting: Ravenloft
Format: book w/cover
Page Count: 64