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AD&D (2e) WGS2 - Howl from the North 9337

AD&D (2e) WGS2 - Howl from the North 9337

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Barbarian legends tell of five magical blades of measureless power. The more civilized cultures of warmer climes believe these tales to be nothing more than delirious dreams of frost-bitten brains. "Those frozen louts - they're trying to scare respect out of us!" At least that's what they want to believe...

Three of the legendary Blades of Corusk have been unearthed, and their powers have proven to be all that the tales claimed. Youu have been given these to use in the quest for the remaining two blades. However, word has spread to the peoples of the neighboring areas, and two groups are working against you to prevent your securing these swords. Beware the Hold of the Stonefist and the Rovers of the Barren! Only so much time remains for you to locate the last two Blades of Corusk...and your enemies are on the horizon.

Find the blades, and reclaim your birthright of honor and respect; fail, and be outcast from your tribes for life. The choice is yours.

Extra Info

Publisher: TSR
Game System:
Category: Adventure
Setting: Greyhawk
Format: book
Page Count: 64