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Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Shades of Empire

Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Shades of Empire

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Shades of Empire delves deep into the background of the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to bring you nine compelling organizations for your campaign: 
*Altdorf Dockers--the toughs who rule quayside in the Empire's capital
*Brothers of Handrich--dedicated members of the Cult of Handrich
*The Dreamwalkers--servants of Morr hunt Undead and Necromancers across the Old World
*The Glorious Revolution of the People--agitators with a cause, they fight for the common man
*Hedgefolk--in the rural villages of the Empire, Hedgefolk use traditional magic to serve their communities
*Imperial Navy--keeps the Empire safe from raiders, marauders and pirates
*Knights of Magritta--once a crusading order, now secret society with a long reach
*Quinsberry Lodge--an organization dedicated to ensuring halflings get fair and equal treatment
*The Roadwardens--Keep highways and byways save for travellers by facing the beastmen, outlaws and other threats of the road

Softcover Sourcebook by Green  Ronin Publishing & Games Workshop, 2008.

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