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Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying (1st Edition) HC

Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying (1st Edition) HC

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The true power of Feng Shui is known only to a few ... ... too bad they all want you dead. Bad guys are coming out of the woodwork to wage the secret war. Powerful eunuch sorcerers from ancient China. Modern-day conspiracy masterminds. Cyber-demonic scientists from the future. They've almost won: Portals through time lay bare a secret history of our world, a history that changes like the breeze and can erase you without you even knowing it. There's only one things standing between these monstrous powers and complete control of all of human history: you and your buddies. But you aren't just anyone. You're secret warriors -- a group of butt-kicking, kung-fu fighting, spell-chucking, pistol-packing badasses. It's up to you to save the world, or die trying. Feng Shui is the Hong Kong martial arts action-movie roleplaying game. It contains all of the rules necessary for play. Feng Shui was originally published by Daedalus Entertainment in 1996, and Atlas Games is pleased to bring this best-selling game back into print. The Atlas Games edition features the same text as the original in a new format including new artwork, layout, and a hardcover binding.

Extra Info

Publisher: Atlas Games
Year: 1999
Game System:
Artist: Lee Moyer
Page Count: