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LOTR Middle Earth Set of Five Coins #1

LOTR Middle Earth Set of Five Coins #1

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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth coins is a set of five coins from the fabled realm.  Set #1 of Middle-Earth coins includes: Axe of Durin, Moria (copper), Fall Leaf of Holly, Hollin (copper), Eye of Sauron, Mordor (iron), Brumby Penny, Rohan (bronze), and Raven Penny, Old Dale (copper).  All the coins are handcrafted in the USA using traditional techniques and antique equipment by Shire Post Mint. 2016.

Sent in attractive blister pack.

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Product Code: ME-0201-M5
Manufacturer: Shire Post Mint
Product Line: Middle-Earth Coin Sets #1
Creature: Middle Earth Coin