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EN 2270 - Silent Guardian

EN 2270 - Silent Guardian

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Silent Guardian Dragonrider:  Beautifully hand-crafted, hand-painted figurine by Enchantica. Green Dragon ridden by a knight.  

Mint condition. Out-of-print. Hand-painted and finely sculpted figurines by Enchantica.  In original box, although box may show considerable shelf-wear and may not be in "collectible" condition.   

Condition refers specifically to the statue itself.  We did have a flood many years in the past and several of the empty boxes did receive varying damage. Please send e-mail for information pertaining to certificates and condition of the original box. Most photographs of our figurines were taken in house, but your figurine may differ slightly in color.  If these factors are a concern, please do send an email to daysofknights@comcast.net with your questions before purchasing.


Third-Party Collector's Information (The Days of Knights does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of this information): http://www.thesorcererslibrary.com/TSL/Enchantica/fullcatalogue.htm

Extra Info

Product Code: EN 2270
Manufacturer: Holland Studio Craft Ltd
Product Line: Enchantica
Artist: Craig Davison (Sculptor)
Creature: Dragon and Knight