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Free RPG Day 2019! Give-Aways & Games 6/15/19

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Free RPG Day, Sat., June 15 features give-aways at the store--RPG modules, dice, & accessories! Store hours: 10 am - 7 pm.
Free Gaming at DOKS Game Club from 11 am - 11 pm.

Meet the Merchant - 11am

    Jacob Geltholder made his fortune through honesty and modesty. Unfortunately, Jacob has become highly bored with life and now desires excitement and adventure. Jacob Geltholder wants to be a villain, but how does one become a villainous crime lord? Jacob figures he needs only three things: minions, an opposing crime boss, and, of course, a secret hideout.
With thoughts of delight at the tales he will tell at the high society, fancy dress parties he hires the players to explore potential hideouts.

DM Patrick Benjamin - D&D 5th edition - 4 to 6 players.


Dungeons and Doggies - 11am

    The Fur will fly in this adventure where you and 4 canine friends seek out the whistle of calling.  In a world where dogs are just as smart and capable as their humanoid companions you will embark on an adventure in this dungeons and dragons 5e companion setting where instead of playing a human or elf you play as dogs with class abilities and spells.  Come join and let the fur fly!

DM Will Moriarty - D&D 5th edition - Up to 5 players.


Mission for the Red Queen of Dunne and Mordor - 11am

    You are followers of the King of Dunne, Mordor and Israel, Marvin the 1st.  Yes, in the last installment Marvin was the Duke of Dunne.  He is now King with a queen from each Kingdom.  It is good to be the King.  The bloody wars are over and the King rules all for the good of everyone and in peace.
    Queen Maria of the Gold who is the Second wife of Marvin has convinced the King to help protect her capital.  Monsters are moving in as many of the people have been moving to Dunne and her Army was slaughtered by the other two kingdom’s forces. Now it is time for the adventurers to be called by the King.  As his loyal followers what other choice is there?  You must go if he asks.
    The King’s spymaster Sir Thomas has summoned you all to keep the King’s promise.  You will take ship across the great lake aboard the Queen’s newest ship the “Edmond Fitzgerald”.  Then you will travel on the great road to the Capital.  From there you will patrol the outer lands and drive back the monsters who are moving into the farmlands.  What will you meet?  What about the people of Mordor, what do they think of this newest Queen and what do they think of the King?
    Thomas warned you to keep your eyes and ears open, there could be treason afoot.   
    Maybe Evil is arising in the King’s new domain.

DM Scott Gould - D&D 3.5 variant (rules provided) - 4 to 10 players.


City on the Edge - 3pm

    Often called the “Gateway to Chult”, the exotic city of Port Nyanzaru is built upon a landscape both mystifying and marvelous.
However, the city’s vibrant beauty is overshadowed by a mysterious scourge that plagues all within the land. Can the divergent forces within the city discover the truth before all are overcome by this growing threat?
    1st thru 4th level characters welcome!

DM Will Moriarty - D&D 5th edition - Up to 7 players.


Edge of the Imperium - 3pm

    You are part of the crew of the 1,000-ton Free trader the Edmond Fitzgerald.  The ship is a partially paid off 12-year-old Type Q ship with Maneuver 3 and Jump 3 which is needed out here in the outer rim of known space.  There is a 10-parsec gap of empty space until the start of the next cluster of star systems.  With a crew of 12 it has been your home for a few years.  Then the Imperium invaded the Star Island Cluster and some of your contracts for trade disappeared.  The economy has been disrupted, but it doesn’t matter these Imperials have Technology too powerful to resist.  As new citizens of the Imperium you need work or the ship will be repossessed by the bank. 
    The Imperial Navy has a contract for you.  It will be a 3-jump trip to the edge system Ythmo (815) where you will install an early warning system at the edge of what is now Imperial territory.  The pay is good at 2X rate and there were a lot of other captains looking at this contract, but without both the cargo capacity and quick Jump this contract could not be completed in only 4 weeks.  You will therefore have only 3 days to deploy this system before returning.  Wow, 4 months’ pay in only 2 months. 
    You will of course have to take the computer classes to learn how to deploy this tech.  It is a Tech level 15 system and you are only trained up to Tech level 11.  Therefore, this system is about 500 years in advance of your experience, “Who me Worry.”  As a Free Trader working for the Imperial Naval you get to keep your weapon systems and even use them to defend yourself.  As one of the biggest Free Traders in this sector of the Star Island Cluster you are as safe as can be expected, what could go wrong?

DM Scott Gould - Traveler - 4 to 10 players.


Message for the Merchant - 3:30pm

    Eccentric businessman and crime boss wannabe, Jacob Geltholder gets excited when a dead fish is delivered to his home. “I have arrived,” Jacob said as a tear formed in his eye. “My fellow crime bosses respect me enough to prank.”
    After failed attempts by his minions to explain the message’s true meaning, Jacob orders a retaliatory prank be made. Jacob accept his minions’ thoughts that a greased pig in the opposition’s hideout would be an understatement. Jacob decides to leave the prank up to the players.
    “Nothing violent,” says Jacob as he leaves the room.

DM Patrick Benjamin - D&D 5th edition - 4 to 6 players.


Burning Brighter - 3:30pm

    When a mysterious plague begins to claim victims, you are chosen to find the source, Patient Zero, and perhaps by doing so give others a chance to find a cure. Travel the MetaCosm, where different worlds and different people exist connected by gates that only some can see. Race to find the knowledge you need before it’s too late.

DM Deavon Church - Modern Age - Up to 5 players.


A Princely Caravan  - 7pm

    The Prince has organized a caravan to seek a bride in the city, Sh’Kar, but he also has many gifts to deliver in the name of the Sultan. The marriage could upset the balance of regional powers, the delivery of medicine will surely diminish the power of the regional death cult, the gift of a canon will create a regional arms race, and anyone can guess what other turmoil will be caused by the caravan’s other gifts.
    The Prince is well aware of these things and hires the players to act as internal security.

DM Patrick Benjamin - D&D 5th edition - 4 to 6 players.


Ghosts of the Salt Marsh - 7pm

    Come Join in this adventure in Salt Marsh.  A land of pirates and political betrayal as your characters work to unravel the mysteries this land holds and try to seat the right people in power.  From the high seas to the darkest dungeons your characters will work together to complete this sample of Ghosts of the Salt Marsh!
4st thru 9th level characters welcome!

DM Will Moriarty - D&D 5th edition - Up to 7 players.


Missed Dues - 7:30pm

    It’s not a good idea to cross someone like Mordecai “the Hammer” O’Leary, not if you want to keep all your fingers anyway. Someone has taken to a little cat burglary and not given O’Leary a cut. Now it’s your job to find them and sort out this little mess. Fail and Mordecai will make sure you regret it, that is if he doesn’t kill you first. Succeed and you might just wish the only thing you had to be frightened of was a sadistic crime boss with a claw hammer.

NOTE: Mature themes, Recommended for adult players 

DM Deavon Church - Call of Cthulhu - Up to 5 players.

Free but sign up for RPG games at the store or by email daysofknights.comcast.net.


There's no charge, but you can register for the tabletop games by calling 302-366-0963 between 10 am-5pm or signing up through email daysofknights.comcast.net.  Additional games may be added to the schedule depending on demand.

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