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Free RPG Day 2019! Give-Aways & Games 6/15/19

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Free RPG Day at DOKS on Saturday, June 15 features give-aways at the store--RPG modules, dice, and accessories for games like Starfinder & Pathfinder (Paizo), Dungeon Crawl Classics, TORG and more!!  Store is open from 10 am - 7 pm.


SCHEDULE of Free Gaming at DOKS Game Club, behind the store.

Gaming from 11 am - 12 midnight 

11-3 pm/3:30-6:30 pm/ 7:30-11:30 pm   


To Be Announced



There's no charge, but you can register for the tabletop games by calling 302-366-0963 between 10 am-5pm.  Additional games may be added to the schedule depending on demand.

Extra Info

Product Code:
Manufacturer: Leading RPG Producers
Product Line: Paizo, Dungeon Crawl & more
Storage Location: DOKS Game Club, behind The Days of Knights store