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Crimson Skies Blake Aviation Security Campaign (FASA)

Crimson Skies Blake Aviation Security Campaign (FASA)

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A Crimson Skies Campaign, Blake Aviation Security allows you a roleplaying experience in the fantasy world of the Crimson Skies game of aerial combat.  The campaign is based on the conflict between Blake Aviation Security forces and the Flying Cobra's pirate gang in the 1939 fantasy world of a fractured North America. As a member of Blake's team of pilots, you will fly missions to earn money and fame as a aviator.

48 pages. Black & White illustrations. Softcover.
Out-of-print. FASA, 2000. CONDITION: Varies from Near Mint to Good.

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Genre: Fantasy WWI (1930's)
Product Code: FASA 8006
Product Line: Crimson Skies Game (FASA)