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Electronic Labyrinth

Electronic Labyrinth

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Electronic Labyrinth is an enhanced version of the classic Maze game, Labyrinth.  The object of the game is to collect magic gems to free the Wizard trapped in a magic book (that gives audio clues).

From manufacturer: The enchanted Labyrinth is in danger! The evil witch Grimelda banished the wise wizard Akata, guardian of the Labyrinth, into a magic book. Can you break her evil spell and free the wizard? Use the magic book to help the Labyrinth dwellers who will reward you with magic gems that you need to defeat the witch! Electronic Labyrinth's interactive electronics make this game aMAZE-ingly different every time you play! Bewitching fun for the entire family!

Ravensburger, 2011.  CONDITION:  Brand new in its original shrinkwrap.

Extra Info

Category: Family Games
Time: 45-60 minutes to play
Players: 2-4 players
Year: 2011
Product Title:
Family: Labyrinth
Ages: 8+
Description: Electronic version of Labyrinth, Maze Game
Publisher: Ravensburger