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Civil War 1861-1865 Victory Games

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The Civil War 1861-1865 is a vintage war game that spans the epic campaigns of the American Civil War.  It can be played as an entire campaign or as year-long scenarios. Each player determines in advance where his/her major thrust will occur-- in the East, West, or Trans-Mississippi Theater. It is up to individual commanders to gain the initiative, move their forces, and engage the enemy. High Complexity; High Suitability for Solitaire. Time Scale: 5 Game-turns per year; Map Scale: 25 miles per hex; Players: Recommended 2 or team play; Playing Time: From 2 hours for a short scenario to 20 hours for a long scenario.

Out-of-print, Vintage War Game by Victory Games, Inc. 1983. CONDITION: Mint Condition in Original Shrinkwrap from manufacturer.

Extra Info

Category: War Game, Civil War
Time: 2 hrs-short scenario; 20 hrs long scenario
Designer: Eric Lee Smith
Players: 1, 2 or team play
Year: 1983
Product Title: Civil War
Family: Civil War
Ages: 14+
Description: Civil War Battle Strategy
Publisher: Victory Games Inc