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Castle Panic: The Dark Titan

Castle Panic: The Dark Titan

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The story of the castle is enhanced by the addition of the Dark Titan himself: Agranok. An unparalleled threat, Agranok has returned from banishment with a vengeance, and he's bringing new enemies that will test players like never before. The Dark Titan, an expansion for Castle Panic, adds more powerful enemies to the game, as well as new reinforcements and weapons with which the players can defend the castle. The Dark Titan Agranok is a new 8-point monster seeking vengeance, and his support includes the Dark Sorceress, elite monsters, and a boom troll. To defend against these new threats, players will have a Cavalier that fights for them on the board as well as boiling oil and support tokens. The Dark Titan is compatible with The Wizard’s Tower, the first expansion for Castle Panic, for even more of a challenge.

Extra Info

BGID: 169784
Category: Expansion for Base-Game, Fantasy, Fighting, Medieval
Time: 60 minutes
Designer: Justin De Witt
PrimaryName: Castle Panic: The Dark Titan
Players: 1 - 6 players
Year: 2015
Product Title: Castle Panic: The Dark Titan
Family: Castle Panic, Monsters
Mechanics: Campaign / Battle Card Driven, Chit-Pull System, Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling
Ages: 12 and up
Publisher: Fireside Games